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Collection of the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum

Drawing, "Cartoon for Printed Cotton: The Four Elements [Les Quatre Elements]", 1810–20

type: Drawing

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A design is composed of four vignettes separated in pairs vertically in the center of the composition by a strip composed of trophies symbolizing the elements, and at the repeat, a similar unfinished panel along the upper left margin. The vignettes show: upper left, Juno seated in a chariot drawn over the clouds by peacocks accompanied by amoretti (personifying "Air"); lower left, Vulcan forging armor (personifying "Fire"); upper right, Saturn seated in a landscape holding a cornucopia and beside him a globe, quartered with four animals (personifying "Earth"); lower right, Venus borne over the water on a shell drawn by dolphins, attended by amoretti (personifying "Water"). Scale, in pen and black ink (according to Richard Wunder, by the artist's hand), lower margin.


Bridget Mahon
Bonaventure M. Lebert
Hartmann et Fils Manufactory


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