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Collection of the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum

Drawing, "Sketch for a cartoon for cotton printing:The Arts [Les Arts]", possibly 1815–1820

type: Drawing

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Joined horizontally with 1898-21-26A. Two parallel panels, separated by strips indicated to bear fantastic leaves place in alternating sequence, shown in the "style chinois": upper left, two mandarins seated on a bench under a canopy at the top of a flight of crooked steps, the one playing a lute and the other holding a book in his lap, musical instruments on the ground and a dancing figure at the bottom of the steps (symbolizing Music); lower left: a mandarin is seen sculpting a statue of a seated mandarin, under a canopy (symbolizing Sculpture); upper right: a mandarin is seated under a canopy painting the portrait of a seated lady, above, a flight of crooked steps on which an assistant is seen mixing colors (symbolizing Painting); lower left: a Chinaman is chiseling a pedestal, beside him lie fragments of classical architecture, and other blocks are strewn on a flight of crooked steps, above (symbolizing Architecture).


Bonaventure M. Lebert
Bridget Mahon


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