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Collection of the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum

Print From Copper Plate, "Proof for textile: The tomb of J.J.Rousseau"

type: Print from Copper Plate

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A number of apparently unrelated scenes; the tomb of Rousseau on the center right. Above it a house with two trees and poultry in front; next, on its left, upper row a well, a mill, and a Chinoiserie pavillion/edifice with two men in Chinese costume. Below, left to right: rotund temple ruins with three femal figures, women hanging up laundry, tomb; below right to left: rider on a horse drinking from a fountain with putto above, sheepshearing couple to left of tree, grazing horse with goat and dog below, woman with group of three children, roof of Chinoiserie (kb)


Bridget Mahon


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