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Collection of the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum

Drawing, "Design for a Sedan Chair", ca. 1775

type: Drawing

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Shown from the rear right corner with two bars. On top of the roof is a ducal crown. At the corners stand crowns and hang tassels. Fringes and ropes with tassels and framing festoons hang from the upper rim. The panel beside the window is divided into two parts by a scroll rising from the lower right corner and extending to the upper left corner. In the right part is an escutcheon with two swearing hands (?) and a swag crossed with a palm branch. In the left parts ornamentation with lozenges hanging blossoms at the angles. In the upper panel at the back are, above, a trophy of objects referring to the hung, below, a monogram MP. The bottom panels are decorated with, respectively, a hanging basket below the subdivided panel, a plant palmette at the back. The bars are decorated in the width of the chair. The metal mountings are shown.




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