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Collection of the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum

Drawing, "Project for a Sedan Chair", 1770–75

type: Drawing

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Shown from the rear right corner with open door. On top of the roof sits the Dionysus boy upon a scroll. He has a staff with vine in his left arm and with his right hand raises the garlands which decorate the roof. Corn cobs stand at the corners from which tassels hang. A scroll rises from the lower right to the upper left superimposed garland. The upper panel of the back shows above a festoon and an intertwined garland hanging from a disk. Below, the upper sides of a triangle form garlands. In it hangs a lozenge from a bow knot parted per pale, baron, and femme, two coats. First, a chevron between ?; second a bar between three roundels, 2, 1. The lower panels show above festoons from which garlands hang down in the lateral ones. In the panel below the window the garland supports an ovoid wreath framing a medallion. A disk and a calyx motif are shown in it. The bar is decorated with two intertwined garlands. The mountings are shown at left and at right at the back bar. The signature, beside at left, and two figures, probably 75 in the corner of the front foot have been erased.



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