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Collection of the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum

Drawing, "Inkstand for the Viceroy Eugene de Beauharnais of Italy"

type: Drawing

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Intended to be executed in marble and gilt bronze. The elevation is not entirely lateral. Below is an oblong pedestal, upon three steps supported by calices. Alternative designs are suggested for the somewhat protruding corners of the pedestal, the right an oblong one. The front of the pedestal is decorated like an entablature. In the frieze hang festoons with circular medallions above them, in the central part, octagonal ones at the pedestals. At the corners stand women with cornucopias upon pedestals. In the center is an oblong pedestal with griffins disposed obliquely at the corners, carrying a festoon. Two women, sitting upon clouds, the left of whom shows apparently a crescent in her hair, are represented at the front. Above, two slaves, sitting, carrying a globe, showing Europe upon their shoulders. Saturnus stands on top supporting a dial with his head and raised arms.



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