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Collection of the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum

Drawing, "Inkstand"

type: Drawing

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Vertical rectangle. Shown slightly from above. Below is a broad ovoidal base with four protruding angular parts laterally. Upon these sit sphixes who support an ovoidal pedestal having two protruding basins at left and at right. The sphinxes are connected by festoons which hang upon them and which are fastened to a lower moulding of the pedestal. Pairs of doves are shown beside the placs of suspension. The frieze of the front face of the pedestal is decorated with half figures of putti who support wreaths with bust portraits. Upon the covers of teh bowl stand putti; the left one wears a helmet and holds a lance and a sword; the right one holds a compass and a sphere. In teh center stands a round pedetal upon a base of two oblong steps. Upon its face it shows a medallion with the portrait of a Royal person, possibly intended as Eugene de Beauharnais. Festoons hang from teh crown and are carried by storks, which hold snakes with their outside feet. Upon the pedestal is a base with the standing dial. Fortuna is shown on top, running. Framing stripes below and partially at right.



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