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Collection of the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum

Drawing, "Design for One Quarter of a Ceiling with a Central Circular Decoration", 1775–1820

type: Drawing

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Horizontal rectangle. One-eight of decoration shown. Center: circular medallion, probably with Aurora, framed by circle with Zodiac signs and mouldings. From corners and from middle of sides rise plant candelabra with winged genii on top, who support festoons. Candelabra connected below by fret band; above, by two branches which border ovoidal panel in which woman dances between tow-hanging trophies. Ceiling bordered by mouldings with frieze. Reverse: above, "quadro longo sara otto palmi." Below, oblong plane written inside: "Largez[z] a piedi tre/ zechini venti/ zeci 8/ seconda la misura segnata/ da gaetano." (More writing in talian on right, short side, and center right and left.) At lower edge, upper parts of three panels: "Pel la metta di/ questa grandeza/ zechin 8/ per ornati cento scudi/ zec 6/ per figura piu picola/ zechin quatro." Left: "Galerie sudi 30/ camera da ricev scudi 20/ camera di comp scudi 15/ camera di letto scu 30/ 95."


Felice Giani


Drawings, Prints, and Graphic Design