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Collection of the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum

Drawing, "Sketchbook Page: Atrium, San Pietro, Bologna and Detail from San Pietro; Detail from S. Michele in Bosco; Verso, Geometrical Studies of Heads", 1811–14

type: Drawing

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At top, atrium of archbishop in Bologna, shown with view of cathedral; inscribed: atrio/ Bramante s Pietro Vescovato. At left, interior of cathedral by Domenico Tibaldi, 1575; inscribed: S Pietro Bramante Bologna. At center, segment of stalls from S. Michele in Bosco, by Fra Raffaele, 1521. Two niches: priest hearing confession from woman; inscribed above: monumento del cinque cento S Michele in/ Basco Bologna 1811. Bottom: panel with eagle over cornucopias, candelabrum. Right half of capital; trophy of arms; two candelabra. Inscribed at bottom: monumenti del/ cinquecento. Bologna. Inscribed at top center: 129. Inscribed at left bottom corner: 67. Verso: Twenty studies on proportion; fourteen studies of heads; foot study; study comparing head, foot and hand.


Felice Giani


Drawings, Prints, and Graphic Design