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Collection of the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum

Drawing, "Sepulchral monument for Carlo Fontana", after 1795

type: Drawing

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Oblique view of an antique sarcophagus standing upon two steps, upon which pairs of children carry the Papal keys (at left), and the tiara (at right). The front of the sarcophagus bears the inscription: "LA STORIA.SCRISSE.DEL.VATICANO.TEMPIO./ IL.FONTANA.ARCHITETTO.E.CON.BRAVA./ IL.GLOBBO.VI.PRESENTO.CHE.SENZZA.ESEMPIO./ GRAN. TERMINE.FORMA.NELLA.SUA.ALTURA. In the center of the corner stands upon a base a globe with the inscription: CIMA.DEL./ TEMPIO.VATICANO./ IN.ROMA, and with an incense bowl upon four legs at its top. A woman stands beside at right, holding a compass in her left hand and evidently dictating to her companion who leans on an open book, in which she is writing, upon the globe. Bushes and trees are in the background. Framing strips below at left and above at right.



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