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Collection of the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum

Drawing, "Design for Various Decorations including Coriolanus at the Walls of Rome", 1800–50

type: Drawing

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Left row, above: "Sacrificio alla Pace" (all captions are written above octagonal panels): putto blowing double flute; at right, an altar. Center: "Trionfo delle armi:" putto with wreath running into chariot with panoply. Below: "segnifero Romano:" putto with legionary sign beside trophy. Central row, above: Coriolanus implored by women of Rome, rising from throne at right: "Coriolano alle mura di Roma." Center: left half of decoration is roughly sketched. In center is high shaft with bowl, Rinceaux spring from it, putti and boy are between them. Bottom: left octagon with putto blowing horn beside trophy of arms, right octagon with putto bringing wood to altar. Right row, above: hexagon with trophy and rinceaux; right row, below: putto carrying standard beside panoply.


Felice Giani


Drawings, Prints, and Graphic Design