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Collection of the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum

Drawing, "Recto: (top) The Baptism of Christ ;( bottom) The visit of the Virgin to St. Elizabeth Verso: (top) The birth of St. John; (bottom) St. John preaching.", 1591

type: Drawing

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Four scenes. Recto top: The room is crowded by helpers and visitors. The bed of St. Elizabeth is at left in the back. A woman brings her a bowl of soup. Zacharias sits at right at a table and writes. In the right foreground is the bathing scene. A woman dries a diaper at the fireplace. "-3" is written in the canopy of the bed. Bottom: St. John stands in the right centre addressing the crowd at his feet. Christ approaches in the left background. Verso top: St. John standing at left empties a bowl over the head of Christ who stands in the stream. Bottom: Elizabeth greets the Virgin. Five women and a girl are present. "2", is written in the upper center.



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