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Collection of the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum

Drawing, "The Return of Ulysses to Ithaca, Palazzo Milzetti, Faenza", 1802–1805

type: Drawing

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Center of bottom row. Penelope greets returning Telemachus, embracing each other in presence of several people. Priest, right, stands near altar. Left background, group of three running men: hiding Ulysses. Caption on top, "1", below: Penelope abracia il figlio Telemacho/ goda del avo intorno alla patria. Lower right corner, spherical trapezoid, showing Ulysses shooting arrow through ring. Left, group of three men, at right, Ulysses and Minerva. Caption above: "6" and ulisse prega larco alla presenza de Proci/ 2. Center on right short side, circular medallion showing Ulysses and Telemachus with arms of suitors on staircase, guided by Minerva holding lamp. Caption: "3" and ulisse con il figlio acon/ pagnati da Minerva/ hascondo le armi/ 3. Upper right corner, Penelope weeps, hearing tales of her still unrecognized husband. Caption: "4" and Ulisse non convscinte dalla noglie piange fa penelope nel sentice raconta li atti/ ' Dulisse.' Center top: Euryclea recognizes Ulysses. Ulysses shown closing mouth of his nurse who bathes his right foot. Minerva leans upon his chair. Penelope sits at right before mantelpiece. Caption: "5" Eurichlea riconosce Ulisse da una antica ferita Ulisse li proibise di parlare. Upper left corner: Ulysses recognized by his dog. Ulysses shown patting standing dog, while Eumaeus approches gateway of palace. Caption "2" and 6 Ulisse ritornate alla sua patria e riconesinto/ da un suo vechis cane." Circular medallions at left: Euryclea announces return of Ulysses to Penelope, who lies upon bed. Caption: "7" and 7/ Euchlen sveglia Penelope/ diceridoli he e ritornato/ Ulisse il suo spose. Lower left corner: Telemachus asks his reluctant mother to recognize Ulysses. She sits upon chair. Telemachus points at Ulysses who sits upon base of column with Minerva standing behind him. Caption, "8" and 8/ telemaco invita la madre a riconoscere Ulisse/ il suo spose, ma ella e motto cauta nel riconoscerlo. Center on ovoidal representation of Ulysses and Penelope walking to bedroom. Servant girl holds lit torch. Others preparing bed. Minerva leaves. Caption: "10" and 9/ Ulisse e Penelope vanno acompagnati da Minerva e/ da onci ancella con fiacola a letto nonziale.


Felice Giani


Drawings, Prints, and Graphic Design