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Collection of the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum

Drawing, "Sepulchral Monument to a Hero", 1815–30

type: Drawing

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Elevation of a free-standing circular monument, positioned at the center of the sheet. The monument stands on a circular base and is reached via steps. The pedestals projecting from the stairs carry burning candelabra. The monument itself is comprised of three parts: cylindrical base, smaller cylindrical mid-section, and rectangular top. At the first level, two female figures sit on a rectangular pedestal/bench. Their backs are turned away from each other and hands cover their faces. Above, on the drum, in relief, two winged figures carry a round medallion decorated with a head in profile. On each side of the drum (left and right) is a seated figure. Their heads are covered by the head scarves. At the monument's mid-section, at the bottom, winged figures stand on pedestals at equal intervals. The upper portion of the drum is decorated with a festoon ring. The top of the monument is reserved for the sarcophagus elevated on a high pedestal. At its base, at the center of each side, sits a female figure in a regal pose.




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