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Collection of the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum

Drawing, "Sepulchral monument for Felice Fontana, professor of philosophy, Padua", after 1795

type: Drawing

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In a landscape with a view of a distant building at left, a monument to Fontana stands. It consists of a cinerary urn inscribed with "FONTANA" upon an ovoid pedestal inscribed with "QUI.GIACE.IL.GRANDE.E/ BRAVO.FONTANA.CHE.FU/ FRATE.MA.SCRISSE.DA.PRIV/ GRAN.FILOSOFO.FU.REPUBLI(ca) no/ MA.GIUSTO.E.PRUDENTE". The pedestal stands upon two steps and a base from which water pours. A woman with a roll of paper leans upon the pedestal on the left, while another one points her forefinger at the urn and holds in her left hand a snake(?). Behind the woman, an incense bowl stands upon four chincaerae legs.



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