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Collection of the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum

Curtain Panel, 17th–18th century

type: Curtain panel

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Pattern of the hanging is dark blue, white, green and yellow silk on a dull red ground. The yellow silk forms the major part of the design. The decoration has many of the features that are regarded as characteristic of the 15th century geometric pattern. In the ornament of the upper border the arabesque arches are actually supported on columns. Elaborate brainwork is the only ornament beneath the arches. The panels of exquisitely drawn arabesques are formed entirely of yellow silk wefts, and also in the composition of the tile panels. In the upper star panel, the composition of the pattern is formed by means of a system of super-imposed large and small squares. The outlining bands of the squares have been merged into a complicated system of interlacing strap work.


John Pierpont Morgan