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Collection of the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum

Skirt Panel, 18th century

type: Skirt panel

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Wedge-shaped piece of fine firm cotton cloth with medium-scale design of stylized flower heads on top of grace-fully curving cornucopia forms decorated with graduated dots and a little sprig of blue berries. These forms are planned to curve left in one horizontal row and right in the next, and a serpentine band of the same reddish brown as the cornucopias underlays each vertical row so that an ogival ground plan accented with flower-heads is suggested. Shades of rose-red, blue, yellow and green (blue over yellow), violet; black and red outlines; gold leaf on wax or gum base outlining major parts of design. Lined with plain white silk. Z-spun cotton, 100-110 warps per inch. 1/8" selvages with coarser warps. No complete breadth.


John Pierpont Morgan