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Collection of the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum

Mary Walker Phillips

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After graduating from Cranbrook and moving ot New York in the 1960s Mary Walker Phillips began concentrating on knitting with the support of Jack Lenor Larsen. She became an expert on the subject and the best creative knitter. Mary's books include "Step by Step Knitting" 1967, "Step by Step Macrame" 1970, "Creative Knitting, A new Art Form" 1971, 1986; "Knitting Counterpanes, Traditional Coverlet Patterns for Contemporary Knitters" 1989. In the Step by Step series (which included wabing, ceramics, etc.) she introduces basics in a very clear format. In "Creative Knitting" she presents knitting as an art form for the first time and in a period when so-called fibber arts movement was still growing and probably at its height.