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Vlastislav Hofman

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One of the founders of the Czech modern movement, Vlastislav Hofman's activity included architecture, applied arts, painting and from 1919, scenography. He studied at the Czech Technical University with J. Fanta, J.E. Koula, and J. Schulz from 1902 to 1907. Was a member of the Artel Co-operative and the Manes Association of Plastic Artists and in 1911 joined the Prague Group of Plastic Artists. At the end of 1912, he left the Group and returned to Manes. He won a gold medal at the Paris 1925 Exposition; the Grand Prize at the Paris 1937; Exposition and the Grand Prize at the 1940 Triennial Exhibition in Milan. His significant contribution to the development of Czech cubism included theoretical essays for the magazines "Volne smery," "Styl," and "Umelecky mescnik."