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Alan Fletcher

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Alan Fletcher, one of the five founders of the British design group Pentagram, was born of British parents in Nariobi, Kenya on September 27, 1931. He studied at the Central School of Arts and Crafts, London 1950-51, the Royal College of Art, London ARCA, 1956 and recieved his MFA from Yale University in 1957. Prior to founding Pentagram, Fletcher worked as a typographer in London, a designer for the Container Corporation of America, Fortune Magazine and Time-Life, Inc. in New York. He also was a consultant art-director for Time-Life International in London. In 1962 with his colleagues Colin Forbes and Bob Gill, Fletcher started a design firm in 1962-65. The Pentagram Design Partnership was founded by Fletcher, Theo Crosby, Colin Forbes, Kenneth Grange and Mervyn Kurlansky in New York and London in 1972. Alan Fletcher has also been a guest lecturer at Yale University. Alan Fletcher is involved with typography, packaging design, signage, and corporate idenity design. At Pentagram, his expertise and commitment to the integration of design and life, have contributed to the varied projects undertaken by the firm, specifically industrial design, site specific design and exhibition design.