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Ernesto Pierret

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Born in Paris and woked in Rome from about 1845 to 1898. He was most well-known for his jewelry in the Etruscan style. "Pierret is first recorded as a working jeweller, of 55 via Borgogna, though no initial is given, in Murray's Handbook for Central Italy and Rome of 1850. By the 1853 edition, his address, still with no initial, is given as 31 Piazza di Firenze, with the comment the he is 'now one of the first artists in Rome for Etruscan jewellery, and is more moderate in his charges than Castellani'. The Libro Per Turri, an artistic and commercial guide to Rome of 1866, records Ernesto Pierret at 36 via dell' Umilta, but the Murray Handbook to Rome of 1867 records Pierret at 20 Piazza di Spagna and describes him as 'only second to Castellani'. He remained at this address until the late 1890s when he no longer appears in the guidebooks or directories. At some point prior to 1884, however, the business appears to have been taken over by Luigi Pierret, presumable a son, who exhibited 'archaeological-style' jewellry at the Turin Exhibition of 1884." (taken from The Art of the Jeweller)