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Laurie Rosenwald

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Has designed additional shopping bags for Fiorucci, Neiman Marcus, Morozoff and Kintetsu (Japan). Directs Rosenworld, a "multifaceted" design/illustration studio, encompassing packaging, brand identity, product development, film, web and video graphics, illustration, portraiture, publication design, type design, etc. International clients are located in Sweden, Japan, Great Britain, Austria, Germany, Italy, France, etc. Projects include brochure and in-store display for IKEA; book jacket for Joseph Epstein's "Snobbery"; packaging identity for Bucky products, Hornall Anderson; website for Karo Design (; "loupot" typeface design, available through; identity program for Nickelodeon's Nick at Nite, etc. Source: Personal communication from Laurie Rosenwald. Website: